Why choose therapy?

Are you sick and tired of being a slave to your addiction? Every waking moment consumed with pain and a compulsion to turn to your drug or behaviour of choice. Are your relationships, career and finances at breaking point? Are you close to losing everything you love and cherish?

You deserve to be clean, you deserve to be sober, you deserve to lead a life free from compulsive behaviours…… There is a way out – There is a solution.

Therapy provides you with an opportunity to ‘make sense’ of your own story. Why do I act this way? ‘What caused my addiction? Why can’t I stop when i know it’s destroying me? These are common questions, which can be addressed head on during the therapeutic journey. As I tell my clients, this will be the hardest challenge you will ever face, stopping is the easy part… it’s staying stopped that’s hardest.

I didn’t learn this from a book or university course. I was out there in the madness for over ten years, leading a life which was controlled by my addictive behaviours. I have acquired numerous tools/techniques which have enabled me to live a substance free life for seven years. If you are looking for a therapist in the Preston, Lytham, Chorley area; who specialises in the field of addiction, please get in touch and begin your journey to the freedom you deserve.