About Me

Where do I start?

I have struggled with substance and behavioural addictions from my late teens until early 30’s. Over ten years in the absolute chaos, anguish and turmoil of addiction. Personal relationships destroyed; finances decimated; career in jeopardy, trouble with the law, were the consequences of my continued destructive behaviours. on August 1st 2012, I finally admitted defeat and was admitted to the Priory Hospital in Altrincham.

I can honestly say that my 28 day spell in residential treatment saved my life. I learnt that addiction was a disease, an illness, that left untreated, had the power to kill. It was not a lack of willpower or moral deficiency as I had previously thought. During my recovery, it struck me like a bolt of lightning, that I could use all my past pain and experience of addiction and help other people to recover.

I believe that my past is my greatest assest.

It is my passion in life to help other people and if you are struggling with an addiction, it would be an honour to help you. Don’t continue to be a slave to your addiction .

I found a way out and you can too…

Client Testimonials:

“I was in a terrible place in my life and I found I was going to loose (or had lost) every one and everything I had. I had lied to all my closest family and friends. I could not see a way back or coming away from my addiction. When I met with Nathan he put me at ease straight away. He understood and related to everything I felt. He showed me with his help and advise and my determination to stop that you can get through it and you can turn things around. I would not be where I am today without him. I cannot recommend him enough”.   Jonathan 2019- 2020

“I originally went to see Nathan for counselling around my struggles with alcohol. I felt at ease straight away with Nathan, and found his openness around his own experiences very refreshing, helpinging me to be really honest and drop the shame that I often felt.
Nathan really helped me understand myself a lot more in relation to my drinking, what was at the root of it and what kept the cycle going. Once I had understood this, he helped me to explore more helpful strategies of coping. Nathan is kind, down to earth, compassionate, supportive and a really lovely bloke.
I know that I will definitely go back to Nathan in the future, to work with issues that life may throw at me. I really can’t thank him enough”. Vicky 2020 – 2021.

Please feel free to contact me, if you would like a discussion before you decide to commit to therapy.

07736658808 – nathanjonespsychotherapy@gmail.com


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